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CORONA is award-winning workflow management software which reduces running costs and helps increase productivity for members of the construction, highways, facilities maintenance, utilities and logistics industries. It can also dramatically improve efficiency in call centres and helpdesks across all industries.
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Welcome to CORONA 2012

The next generation of workflow management systems...
...keeping project and service costs at their lowest

CORONA 2012 workflow management software adds value and cuts costs while improving the efficiency and morale of office and field-based staff. It will deliver often dramatic cost savings through flexible licensing options in organisations with more than 25 potential users.

Its predecessor, CORONA, made a real impact in the following industries:

In fact CORONA saved a large highways company £440,000 within its first year of use.
But CORONA 2012 goes further.

To find out more email enquiries@corona2012.co.uk
or telephone 08450 55 44 55.

 IT Europa 2014 Finalist

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CORONA has been recognised for its innovative use of technology in both traditional and complex industries.

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